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Irish Trash Can 

Original And Upgraded

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    Even though these days the term “trash can” commonly describes party punch , I’d like to now report on another popular usage : the Irish Trash Can. 

    It was a hot humid night in Bali when a local bartender introduced me to this cocktail. I was singing at his venue and explained I was increasingly bored with most long drinks. I asked him to impress me – something a little zingy please with definite wake-me-up capabilities. He swiftly produced a 3 layered offering featuring an upside down can of Red Bull on the top. It was refreshing , well balanced between sweetness and alcohol strength , and provided a massive boost to my last set on stage. It delivered exactly what the doctor ordered.

     The Irish Trash Can is ideal for parties and hot days. The green and blue Curacao colours and the Red Bull are certainly eye-catching in the club. Keep in mind though , it’s one of those sweet yet strong cocktails , containing the entire can of Red Bull , so i recommend sipping it slowly.

      Enough beating around the bush – let’s break down all you need to know about it :

1.Required Equipment

All The Required Equipment For Making Irish Trash Can Cocktail.

2. Best Ingredients

Choosing The Right Ingredients For The Best Irish Trash Can Recipe.


3. the Original recipe

The Original Irish Trash Can Recipe : Step-By-Step.

4. Upgrades & Variations

Let’s Bring Your Irish Trash Can To A New Level.

1. Required Equipment For Irish Trash Can

All The Required Equipment For Making Irish Trash Can Cocktail.

irish trash can - cocktail glass with blue liquid

1. Glass:     

     Here’s a bonus – a glass is the only piece of hardware you’ll need to throw it together. Though any kind will suffice for long drinks , I recommend selecting something wide rimmed , similar to the one in the pictures as it’ll hold the can in place nicely and project a more distinguished look.

2. Best Ingredients For Irish Trash Can

Choosing The Right Ingredients For The Best Irish Trash Can Recipe.

irish trash can - bar bottles
irish trash can - redbull can

“I Feel Bad For People Who Don’t Drink. When They Wake Up In the Morning, That’s As Good As They’re Going To Feel All Day.”

-Frank Sinatra

    All mixed drinks will immensely improve upon avoidance of low quality ingredients. This isn’t a fancy recipe but harsh tasting cheap plonk can ruin any cocktail.You don’t need the most expensive bottle but don’t be too stingy.

1. Energy Drink :

    You can employ any brand of energy drink but I go to Red Bull for several reasons. The can format fits the presentation perfectly , the greenish colour provides contrasting tone , and it’s taste blends fabulously with all the other elements.

irish trash can - redbull neon sign
irish trash can - 2 grey goose bottles

2. Vodka :

     You can perform a simple test – knock back a straight shot of pure ice cold vodka. If it goes down silky smooth , it’ll surely be fantastic in any vodka based cocktail. I gravitate towards Grey Goose in these situations as it’s got presence yet still isn’t overpowering. 

3. Gin :

    I believe which brand of dry gin you choose greatly influences the taste. Individual preferences absolutely do apply here. Bombay Sapphire enhances the inherent fruitiness in peach schnapps and triple sec. Tanqueray differentiates with a subtitle spiced herbal aroma . My favourite however is Monkey 47 , weighing in at 47% alcohol / volume. Of course this is generally priced accordingly.

irish trash can - monkey 47 gin bottle
irish trash can - bacardi blanca bottle label

4. Rum :

  Dark rum will spoil both the colour and taste here so save that for drinks specifically calling for it.  A standard Bacardi or Havana Club will be just dandy for the Trash Can. Having said that , if you’ve somehow lucked into a Dominican Brugal Ron Blanco you should undoubtedly proceed with confidence.

5 . Triple Sec :

     Most triple sec brands will be fit for purpose here – having one liqueur instead of another won’t change the game. In my humble opinion Cointreau is  número uno as it’s never ever disappointed me in a cocktail.

irish trash can - cointreau bottle
irish trash can - blue curacao

6. Blue Curaçao

     This adds sweetness but is mostly required for the blue colour. Make sure you get a very bright one. I tend to pick Bols or DeKuyper – they’re both a terrific fit. 

7. Peach Schnapps :

    Don’t be too fussy about the peach schnapps either , but do grab the  clearest coloured looking one on the shelf. I usually stock DeKuyper , though you’ll find most bars serve Bols or Aspen’s , and they’re also just fine.

irish trash can - peach

3. Irish trash Can : The Original Recipe

The Original Irish Trash Can Recipe : Step-By-Step.

Alcoholic ingredients :

  • 1 oz of blue curaçao
  • 0.5 oz of vodka
  • 0.5 oz of gin
  • 0.5 oz of white rum
  • 0.5 oz of triple sec
  • 0.5 oz of peach schnapps

Non-Alcoholic ingredients :

  • 1 can of Red Bull (250 ml)

Equipment :

  • 1 Long Drink Glass

Original Irish Trash Can Recipe : Step By-Step

irish trash can - classic recipe

Irish Trash Can Recipe :

  1. Pour the Blue Curaçao in the long drink glass
  2. Fill around 3/4 of the glass with ice cubes.
  3. Pour gently the vodka and the Gin
  4. Pour gently the rum, triple sec and peach schnapps
  5. Open the can of Red Bull, then quickly flip it and deposit it upside down on the ice cubes.
  6. Add one or two straws.

Tips :

  • Make sure you pour the Irish trash can ingredients gently in order to achieve the three separate layers : blue on the bottom, green in the middle and light yellow at the top.
  • Don’t fill the glass with too much ice – just enough to hold the can in place is correct.
  • Don’t pour the Red Bull – let gravity do it’s work. This ensures the glass will constantly refill by itself while you drink it.

4. Irish Trash Can : Upgrades & Variations

Let’s Bring Your Irish Trash Can To a New Level.

irish trash can - think outside the box sign
irish trash can - behind the bar bottles

  The above Trash Can recipe is already a winner. There’s really not much scope for upgrades , but as usual I’ve dabbled a little anyway , and have indeed chanced across a few intriguing alternatives;

1. Apple Vodka And Rum :

  Even though this drink is already fruity and sweet, I have on occasion swapped out the regular vodka and rum for Smirnoff apple vodka and Bacardi apple rum. It does become even sweeter , but to my palate it’s still balanced. Many of my sample testers did love it , though , ultimately I will in future stick mainly with the original Irish Trash Can.

irish trash can - apple
irish trash can - star anise

2. Sambuca :

 This is not for everyone. I tried including 0.25 oz of Luxardo Sambuca. The anise flavour presents boldly in the mix , and I did enjoy it as a novelty , but once again still stand by the original as sambuca taste can be tiring after a bit.

3. Coconut Rum Drinks :

  There are a couple of options for coconut rum fans. You can simply replace the white rum with Bacardi coconut rum.  Malibu rum is another alternative. Make sure in this case not to skip the regular white rum as Malibu is only 21% alcohol by volume.

irish trash can - coconut rum

In Conclusion

So in conclusion, the classic recipe win over the variations that I’ve tried. The Irish trash can is already great the way it’s been created. Let me know in the comments If you had better luck than me with your experiences on this trash can drink. Again, Thanks guys and girls for your time, don’t forget to like and share, to help me spread the word out there.

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MC NickRock

MC NickRock is a professional singer. Performing in bars and events for over 20 years, he finally decided to share his knowledge acquired about cocktails and drinks.


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